Post-Holiday Detox: How to Get Back On Track After Indulging

Getting back in shape after an indulgent holiday can be easy if you choose a healthy detox routine. The right detox plan is one that helps the body flush out all the toxins accumulated from the consumption of unhealthy food and the consumption of alcohol. If you are new to the concept of detoxification, find out how to detox here.

  1. Water therapy

Water is the best cure for most types of health anomalies. And when we talk about detoxification routines water is the vital part. Avoid those sweet drinks or juices and grab a glass of water every time you feel thirsty.

  1. Hit the gym

Sweat out the toxins- this could be the quickest way to get back to your healthy self. If possible, accommodate mild and flexible exercise routines in your holiday plan. But still, you might not find enough time to carry out your regular workouts. So this break that your body gets should be broken slowly and steadily.

  1. Detox smoothies are great

There are plenty of detox smoothie and detox drink recipes that you can find on the internet. Whip up an easy smoothie and satisfy all those mid-morning hunger pangs. Adding lean proteins is the key to making this step successful. If the holiday had been a long one, it would be a good idea to even replace a meal with a healthy smoothie.

  1. Get some sleep

Sleep is an important part of any fitness routine. Even for an effective detoxification routine, you would need good sleep. This helps your body rest and rewind after all those nights spent partying and exploring new places.

Give your body some time to recover. Depending on the length of the holiday and the type of diet you had indulged in the time taken for your body to fully get rid of the toxins varies. Cut down the intake of sugar and unhealthy carbs during this period.