Four Ways to Juggle Entrepreneurship & Parenthood Successfully

You want to be a good entrepreneur.  Your business career was your dream right from childhood.  It was fine until you were single.  But being an entrepreneur and a parent is the toughest task.  As an entrepreneur, you cannot stay at home or leave work early like others who work in regular jobs.  It is you at your business who is vital in taking decisions and monitoring the functions.  Being a parent and an entrepreneur is like riding on two horses.  Use the below tips to manage both the jobs successfully:

Prioritize and plan:  Prioritize and plan your activities for a week ahead.  That way you will not end up promising a dinner to your kid on the same day of an important business meeting.  By planned working, the stress and disappointments will be minimum.  You can ensure a smooth and healthy relationship at work and at home as well.

Time Management:   By running the tasks of an entrepreneur and a parent you will not find the time.  Hence effective time management is very important.  Learn multi-tasking tricks.  At your business, you have to train people and keep them engaged so that they do not seek your interference frequently.  At home try to steal time so that you spend quality time with your kids playing with those toys bought from Starwalkkids.

Delegate:  Don’t carry all the responsibilities on your head.  Instead, delegate non-core activities to others at business.  At home, you can hire a maid if possible.  Ask your spouse to share some work.

Gather support:  Speak out to your children about your nature of work at your business.  Make them understand that you support them well although your presence is important to your business.  This understanding will make them support you emotionally.  This will make you play the game more comfortably and easily.